• “Rubio Monocoat is such a great product. We use it mainly on oak timber in most of our projects. The product prevents the oak from turning yellow, and gives a smooth easy feel finish texture, feeling like a second skin. A great durable product, that all our clients are very satisfied with as the end result. ”

    House Hisquin - The Dunes

    Eddie Da Silva

    Eddie Da Silva Architects
  • “The team from Rubio Monocoat presented us with the solution. They were able to five us exactly what we wanted in terms of the "look and feel" and ensured a quick and easy application process. The application also did not require a specialist to do it, and we were able to leave it in the hands of our more competent painters. ”

    Lanzerac Hotel & Spa

    Con van der Colff

    Lanzerac Hotel and Spa
  • “I don't believe that this table would have been the same without RMC. It would have been tough to try and get such a deep black color on the Ash using other products and/or methods. And the look and feel of the wood wouldn't have been the same had I gone with a film finish or basic oil type of product. Working with RMC was a very pleasurable experience. I believe it does take some basic finishing know-how in order to get a great result, but the process was simple and straight forward. And the smell! Not at all foul or offensive smelling… many of my peers said it reminded them of some kind of tea. My favorite thing about RMC is the look and feel of the wood you get when using this product. It does a beautiful job of bringing out the colour and grain. I definitely plan on continuing to use RMC. I look forward to getting the chance to experiment with some of the other colour choices that are available as well. ”

    Curvy Console

    Vincent Solis

  • “The Rubio Monocoat team provided an excellent offering that met our specific needs. We needed a product that would stand the test of time, that was environmentally friendly, and easy for our maintenance team to apply. After some 3 years, we are extremely impressed with the durability and how the colours have continued to bring out the natural look of all our wooden finishes. I would strongly recommend this product to all other resorts, who need long lasting protection, and a cost effective solution against weather, and high traffic from visitors. ”

    Fregate Island

    Evans Appasamy

  • “Thank you for making such a freaking great product! Just so you know, I'm pretty much a Rubio Monocoat evangelist. I have numerous friends who have used it since we did our kitchen project last winter, and I might have stopped random strangers at various home renovation stores to make sure they know about Rubio.”

    Sarah Taylor

  • “"The first product I used was Rubio Monocoat Oil Plus 2C for indoor use. We later started using the Hybrid Wood Protector for outdoor use. We were able to achieve great results using a product which is ideal for treating wood."”


    Hennie Morel

    Schilderwerken Morel & Zn
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