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At Rubio Monocoat, time never stands still. We are always working on an innovation, often several at once. Our Rubio family is expanding every month, with convinced users in all corners of the world. Would you like to stay informed of all the changes? Check this page regularly, or register for our newsletter at the bottom of this page.

  • Project of the month - October 2019
    Gift shop modernized with Rubio Monocoat
    The gift shop at the national museum in Qatar is a real gem. The architect Koichi Takada always likes to integrate a part of nature into his work. For this design, he was inspired by the Dahl Al Misfir, “the Cave of Light” in the heart of Qatar.
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  • Project of the month - September 2019
    Rubio Monocoat enters the world of horses
    In 2009, the prestigious horse track Helgstrand Dressage in Uggerhalne, Denmark was built using ‘carbonized strand woven bamboo’. Over the years, they tried various types of finishes for the side of the riding area, but they were never 100% satisfied with the results. At the time that Rubio Monocoat Nordic contacted Helgstrand Dressage, the wood was varnished. This finish is very difficult to maintain, which is why they were open to new ideas.
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  • Preparatory cleaner for cleaning all types of wood
    Preparatory cleaner for cleaning all types of wood
    ‘Success is often the result of good preparation.’ This is also the case when colouring and protecting wood. Rubio Monocoat WoodPrep is a preparatory cleaner that can be applied to all types of wood. The product removes sanding dust residue and minimises any sanding errors and scratches.
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  • Project of the month - August
    Wooden farewell chapel with contemporary character
    The village cemetery Zgornji Tuhinj is located on the ridge above the Tuhinj valley in Slovenia. A unique place to build a farewell chapel. Read more
  • Project of the month July 2019
    From clothing store for women to a fashionable, warm men’s clothing store
    It all started in July of 2018, when two men had the idea to convert an existing women’s clothing store into a new, contemporary men’s shop. It didn’t take long before the concept store “Le Gendre Idéal” was created.  Read more
  • 3 ways to prepare your wood
    3 ways to prepare your wood
    A good start is half the job done. Especially when it comes to the preparation of wood before the final finishing. Ready to start? Read more
  • Project of the month - June 2019
    Trendy office space meets Rubio Monocoat: a perfect marriage
    Colourful, contemporary, trendy and innovative are the words to describe this functional office space in Warsaw, Poland. Office FC – Solutions Space in Galeria Ethos is a prestigious office building in the heart of Warsaw. Read more
  • The four most popular floor patterns for your floor
    The four most popular patterns for your floor
    Are floor patterns a thing of the past? They most certainly are not. Just look at the popular herringbone pattern or are you rather a fan of the playful geometric pattern? Something for everyone! Do you want to know more about the 4 trendiest patterns of today? Read more about it here! Read more
  • Project of the month - May 2019
    Open your doors and let the light in 
    Cosy, open and a lot of light; these are the perfect words to describe this house in Auckland, New Zealand. The warm earth tones and modern accents it displays reflect the architecture of New Zealand. Read more
  • How to maintain your wooden floor
    How to maintain your wooden floor? 
    Nothing cosier than a wooden floor in your home. It immediately gives your space a warm and homey atmosphere. But not everyone is so thrilled by the idea of a wooden floor, because they are afraid that they are difficult to maintain or they will get scratched easily. But if you maintain your wooden floor properly, none of that should be a problem. Read more
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